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Rose Mofford

1922 - 2016

The Honorable Rose Mofford was born Rose Perica in Globe, Arizona, the youngest of six children of immigrants from Croatia. The first female class president in the history of Globe High School, she had success in both academics and athletics. She played basketball and was an All-American softball player. Beginning her career with the State of Arizona as a secretary, Mofford worked her way up the ranks to become the state's first female secretary of state from 1977 to 1988 and the state's first female governor from 1988 to 1991.

Mofford's primary goal as governor was to return stability to Arizona after the tumultuous impeachment of her predecessor. Her efforts were widely held as providing a calming effect, and she was called “the healing governor.” State Senate Democratic leader Alfredo Gutierrez said of her actions, "What she did was reinvest the system with dignity and honor." During her time in office, Mofford was one of only three female governors in the country.

After leaving office, Mofford dedicated her time to civic and charitable activities and to mentoring fellow Democrat politicians. She worked to help Arizonans get organ transplants under state health insurance. She often visited residence homes for the elderly, and washed, sorted, and donated clothes to homeless shelters until she was 91.

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