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Armida Bittner Gila County School Superi

Armida Guereña Bittner

Armida received a Bachelor of Arts in Education and a Masters of Arts in Bilingual Education, Northern Arizona University.  Education was her life passion and legacy. She held many positions including language arts teacher, Gila County School Superintendent, member of the Gila County Board of Supervisors, and assistant Globe City Manager.


In 2015 Armida was honored as an Arizona Latina Trailblazer for advocacy of life-long education.  Armida  received numerous awards,  among them Valle de Sol’s Profiles of Success for her long time role and leadership in education. She received the Hispanic Leadership for education in Arizona award from The Arizona Association for Chicano’s in Higher Education.


Armida’s life story did not start in education.  At age 16, she dropped out of Globe High School to get married.  As her family grew she felt ashamed that she did not have a high school diploma.  Her husband encouraged her to study for the GED test.  It scared her, but at age of 23 she passed.  That achievement left Armida “hooked” on learning. 


In Armida’s own words, “Each student needs to know that they are important and valued by those who have the responsibility of educating them.  My philosophy of Education is that as an educator, one has a moral obligation to impart knowledge gained not only through course work, but also in the course of one’s life to one’s students. I believe that an educator and student learn from one another, both taking steps toward developing a risk-free atmosphere, an environment in which the student grows and matures academically and personally. I also believe that an educator must continue to study, research, seek to be the best educator, best informed person possible.”


We honor Armida for her wonderful, inspiring work.  The Globe community and Arizona students are the better for her life long work.

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