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Barbara Barrett

Barbara has broken the glass ceiling for women in so many fields.  And She has ensured long term impact by changing policies so more women could succeed in her path.


Barbara’s life has been a lists of firsts.  Coming from a modest hardworking family in Pennsylvania, she was accepted with honors to Arizona State University where she earned her BS, Masters and Juris Doctor degrees.  The Honors College at ASU was named ASU Barrett Honors College.  She set a path of excellence from a young age.  In every field she has taken on - legal, business, military, Ambassador, pilot-  she’s worked working each to the very height of excellence.


In the 80’s Barbara began a career in politics.  President Regan recruited Barbara to serve as vice president of the Civil Aeronautics Board.  Her aviation negotiations with China & Poland resulted in treaties.  She was highest women in a FAA position.  A first…


In the 90’s Barbara was tapped for her skills as a pilot. She served as a civil advisor at a time when women we excluded from flying fighter planes and bombers.  Barbara urged that women be allowed to fly all aircraft types.  The law was changed and Barbara was the first civilian woman to land an FIA-18 Hornet on an aircraft carrier.


Barbara served as a senior advisor to the U.S. Mission to the United Nations, a member of the U.S. Afghan Women’s Council and President of the International Women’s Forum.


Barbara is definitely a distinguished advocate for women and we are proud to call her our own!

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