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Margie Emmerman

Margie was born and raised in Glendale Arizona.  She is one of the most  admired and respected Latina woman in Arizona and beyond. 


As Governor Hulls’ policy advisor on Mexico, she worked closely with the Governor and with other top level Mexican government officials (she’s met President Zedillo 5 times) to main and strengthen our ties with Mexico, our most important trading partner.


In the two decades since, Margie continued to distinguish herself as a successful public servant, a community leader and an international business advisor.


Margie’s service to the people of Arizona include Executive Director of the Arizona Mexico Commission, Policy Advisor for Latin America and Mexico, Director of Tourism and Director of the Department of Commerce.  During her tenure, the Commission developed a world wide reputation as a model of cross border relations.   Margie is highly regarded in Washington and Mexico City as well as in Hermosillo and Phoenix.  Other US border Governors look to her for advice on issues of importance to all four US border states. 


One thing that made Margie’s accomplishments all the more remarkable was that she was often the only woman in the room.  At the time, machismo was alive and well on both sides of the border.  This meant that she often had to work twice as hard as her male counterparts to be successful but succeed she did.  


We thank Margie for her dedication and perseverance. 

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