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Dais Kim MJ Shcryl, Dana Fontes
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2023 Induction Celebration

The Arizona Women’s Hall of Fame was initiated in 1981 by the Office of the Governor, the Tucson Women's Commission, and the Arizona Women’s Commission to pay tribute to the remarkable women who have played a significant role in the history of this state.

Many Thanks to Our Sponsors


Donate to The Arizona Women's Hall of Fame


Your contributions enable us to continue to honor accomplished and important women…women who have changed Arizona and the world.

  • A contribution as small as $20 will buy supplies to keep our Capitol Museum exhibit open for the 40,000 school children who visit it every year. 

  • A donation of $100 will help make sure that we have the funds to continue to honor the important women in Arizona in an annual celebration. 

  • A contribution of $500 will keep our website available with stories and history about the influential and courageous women who shaped Arizona history and who are continuing to shape it today.  

  • A donation of $2000 will ensure that we continue to honor these women well into the future, inducting a new generation of incredible women each year. 

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2023 Honorees

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